Saturday, May 13, 2017

When kids are left with Dad

here's what happens when you leave your kids with dads

when you leave your kids with your husband

father parenting

when kids are left with the father

dad parenting

how it ends when dad is with the kids

kids with dads

father parenting fails

when kids are left with dad

fail parenting

never leave your kids with dads

don't ever leave your kids with the father

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Amazing footage of man underwater caught on camera

Video owned by Gai Dormitorio

This man just made diving look so easy!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Nasa Fails to detect meteor that hit earth

asteroid hit earth

Did you know that a meteor recently hit earth and we were completely unaware of it? And I don't just mean us the common people. What I mean to say is "we" as a species including all our governments combined.

Relax though, except for a few unlucky fish no one got hurt, it was the largest we've had since the famous Chelyabinsk bolide that exploded over Russia in 2013.

This summarizes the large-ish meteor impact over the South Atlantic Ocean, that happened on Feb. 6, and was recorded by the Fireball and Bolide Reports page of NASA's Near Earth Object Program.

I just thought you should know that at any given moment you can be hit by an asteroid.

Monday, November 2, 2015

10 Spooky Halloween Makeup

exorcist halloween makeup

scary clown halloween makeup

easy scary halloween makeup

ghost halloween makeup

halloween makeup ideas

scary halloween makeup ideas

Syrian Refugees, Innocent Victims of War

 While we were busy in our everyday lives, what they only hope to have is Peace, Shelter & Food. 
syrian children victims of war 
Some did not only lost their home but their loved ones.

drowned syrian boy shocked the world 
Syrian boy drowned, shocked the world.

horrifying images of syrian refugees

syrian refugees crossing the border 
Crossing the border

syrian refugees fleeing war zone

syrian victims of war

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Memes circulating in the Social media on Pacman Mayweather fight

These are just some of the Pacman-Mayweather memes circulating on the internet.

How boxing fighters are after facing Pacman and Mayweather.
pacman mayweather memes

Pacman giving in to Mayweather's demands just to have that fight of the century on and give the people want they want.
maypac funny memes

Boxing fans be like on the day of Pacman Mayweather fight
mayweather loves warm hugs

Mayweather be like
pacman mayweather funny memes

Maypac referee be like

Floyd can't read. Manny can't speak. Perfect match.

Mayweather be like

If I knew you would just be running around the "reng", we should have just played basketball. Manny be like...
run floyd run

Floyd be like... the fight is on as long as you don't bring your mom along..

Boxers be like after fighting with Pacman

Pacman talking like Ironman
floyd afraid to fight pacman

Floyd loves warm hugs
floyd should be on marathon not boxing

Mayweather plus Justine Bieber - it really is true that behind every strong man there is a strong woman.

Mayweather dance moves

Pacman eats Mayweather

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