Monday, October 26, 2009

Funny dog photos

funny dog photos
Funny dog photo no.1 -- I don't want to!

funny pictures of dogs
funny dog photo no.2 -- you are my property now

funny dog photo no.3 -- don't give me that look

funny dogs
funny dog photo no.4 -- i'm going to get that ball

pictures of funny dogs
funny dog photo no.5 -- oooh, i just love water

funny dog photos
funny dog photo no.6 -- do you think i'm pretty?

funny dogs pictures
funny dog photo no.7 -- growing up to be just like dad

dogs funny pics
funny dog photo no.8 -- who told you i'm angry?! I am nooooot!



the first ans the third are best. Thanks for making me laugh.

The first and the third are great. Thanks for the photos.


HA HA HA SO Funny Collection is there , I just love to visit again for daily fun in my free time thanks so much

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