Thursday, November 26, 2009

Embarrassing moments in sports

Have you ever been in an embarrassing situation? That weird and unusual moment wherein you are forever shamed! Imagine yourself in the position of these athletes, know that’s embarrassing!

Is this guy weird or not?
should he still be in this sport?
weird showing butt in baseball
weird and very funny! classic!
not only is this weird, it’s also dangerous
Love this kind of sport! weird ball sport grabNever stand next a weird guy, he might grab yours
not weird, just kind of funny
weird head butt sport maneuver was this guy trying to get in or out of his butt? really weird!
weird sport! everyone just grab someone’s balls and be done with it!
weird wrestler sportA really weird and awkward moment in this type of sport!

To all the jocks out there, next time you end up in weird situations while playing the sports you’re into. Please let someone take a picture of that moment so we could all have something to laugh about



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