Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Scariest Dolls Ever!

These weird, scary and creepy dolls are the reason why I'd rather have a teddy bear!
Most children love dolls, but I'm not sure if they'd take home one of these.

Edited for a better effect? Japanese dolls are scary after all. Dolls with very cute faces and huge eyes.

What's creepy about this doll is her eyes. She's cute but there seems to be something behind those stares.

No doubt for a demon doll. I wonder what kind of kid would take this home...


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the 1st one is creepy, the rest is just cute! AND THTS FROM A 12 YEAR OLD

there no creepy apart from the 1st one and thats only creepy because its in black and white and the back ground AND THATS COMING FROM A 12 YEAR OLD 2!!!!!

number 3 and number 8 are nightmare material

Nice collection you've got here! I love the 5th one :D

HAHAHA!! 1 and 10 are awesome!

none are scary n thats coming from an 11 year old but the scaryest is probably the 13th one n thats not even scary !!xxxxxx

It's not scary except the first one lol x but nice collection

Shrieeek!!! Aaaauuugh! Shudder. 1, 5, and 7 have got to be the creepiest.

Wouldn't want to wake up to those things staring at me at three in the morning!!

I think I like my Raggedy Ann better. And even she's a little creepy.

If you're afraid of the first picture ONLY, you're probably afraid of the forest . hah!

1, 2, and 4 are the scariest. Well, kinda. I've been searching all over the web, those are just the beginning of what horror-dolls I've seen!

The 2nd one Is just SO CUTE ! I don.t understand Blythe haters :(

The second is cute and the first....just gorgeus.

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