Monday, October 8, 2012

Teen hangs herself after being bullied for being too pretty

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Jade Stringer, 14-year-old teen, found hanged in her room. Suicidal reason is because of extreme bullying in school. Jade endured a campaign of intimidation for months because of her being too pretty, too popular, well-liked and well-loved. It could also be that she may have been upset when her family took her phone because they think that she'd been using it way too much. Friends of teen said that because of jealousies, she had been intimidated at school and harassed by so many people. She was rushed to Fairfield General Hospital where she died after almost a week on life support.

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wow. how sad , people can be so cruel especially the younger generation, i just hope that the perpetraters, have been named and shamed and i hope they can live with this on their conscience, i feel for her family......

how can people do that eh? terrible! conscience won't make them sleep

how can they bully such pretty girl! oh, jealous girls are crazy as f*ck, you're pretty dear, RIP :)

Meh, not a 10/10

A solid 7.5/10 though. The other girls she was around must have been ugly hags.

A: shes not that pretty and B: she prolly got bullied for being a slut

There is some right wankers on this site..stop being so fucking nasty(trolls) someone has lost a child due to bullying!! Give some fucking respect!!!! Fucking hate trolls that think they are hard hiding behind a Fucking computer get a job you useless wankers

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