Sunday, February 17, 2013

Biggest Booger in the world pulled out of a man's nose

Saving boogers for later?

I was browsing normal Youtube videos and then this abnormally funny video about the biggest booger pulled out by a doctor from a man's nose caught my attention. I thought it would be fun to watch it especially when the title of the video says, 'Doctor Removes Booger from Hell from Inside Man's Nose'
I didn't really want to see this disgusting pulling out of booger thing, but my curiosity wouldn't let me skip the video and my hands are itching to click Youtube video's play button. After playing the video, I instantly moved a yard away from my computer. And this is what I saw just before lunch time! 

I bet this man has the most satisfying booger-picking experience. 

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It wasn't a booger. It was a piece of left over gauze feo
Sinus surgery they had missed during his un-packing.

Well fuckity fuck I'm using foul language yay

pulled out of this man's nose ↑

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