Sunday, May 3, 2015

Memes circulating in the Social media on Pacman Mayweather fight

These are just some of the Pacman-Mayweather memes circulating on the internet.

How boxing fighters are after facing Pacman and Mayweather.
pacman mayweather memes

Pacman giving in to Mayweather's demands just to have that fight of the century on and give the people want they want.
maypac funny memes

Boxing fans be like on the day of Pacman Mayweather fight
mayweather loves warm hugs

Mayweather be like
pacman mayweather funny memes

Maypac referee be like

Floyd can't read. Manny can't speak. Perfect match.

Mayweather be like

If I knew you would just be running around the "reng", we should have just played basketball. Manny be like...
run floyd run

Floyd be like... the fight is on as long as you don't bring your mom along..

Boxers be like after fighting with Pacman

Pacman talking like Ironman
floyd afraid to fight pacman

Floyd loves warm hugs
floyd should be on marathon not boxing

Mayweather plus Justine Bieber - it really is true that behind every strong man there is a strong woman.

Mayweather dance moves

Pacman eats Mayweather


OT: Is Manny Pacquiao really retiring now that he has won the senatorial seat? You can still watch his videos at his official youtube channel. Check out Oscar De La Hoya visiting Manny Pacquiao here.

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